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I can’t login to myGecko

If you’re having issues logging into your myGecko account, there are a couple of things which could have happened:

  1. You may have forgotten your password
  2. Your account was closed for fraudulent activity or inactivity.

I think I forgot my password…

If you’ve simply forgot your password, gaining access to your account is super easy. Just click here to reset your password.

If for some reason, you’ve tried resetting your password, but still cannot get in, then please email hello [at] geckohost.nz – ensure you include two forms of ID to prove your identity and we can reset your password on our end.

I think you’ve closed my account…

If an account is being used in a suspicious or fraudulent manner Gecko International reserves the right to close said account without notice.

Furthermore, if an account is inactive for over 180 days Gecko International reserves the right to close the account.

Accounts can be re-opened by submitting a support ticket.

Updated on September 17, 2020

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