How do I find my stream URL?

Centova has recently been updated their control panel, where in the process (we are unsure why they did this) they have removed the ‘stream URL’ which used to be found on the quick links page.

So how do I find my direct stream URL?

This is still really easy, the format of the URL is: http:// (or https://) hostname:port/mountpoint

So for example, if you’re on our falcon server, your URL would look something like this:

Where is the hostname / server name, address, 8000 is the port number, and /stream is the mount point.

How do I find my Hostname or IP and port?

If you make your way to ‘Quick Links’ inside Centova, you will see a title named “Your streaming server index page“.

Here you can find your hostname or IP and port numbers.

But what about the mount point?

In 90% of cases the mount point is going to be /stream

However, some advanced stations have setup multiple mount points (e.g. additional streams for mobile users). Simply replacing /stream with the desired mount point name (e.g. /mobilestream) would fetch this stream.

Updated on October 8, 2022

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