I think my station is buffering?

My station is bu..f.f..er…ing!

Oh no! That’s not good!

We hate when this happens just as much as you, so firstly let us say that we are really sorry your station is facing some issues at the moment.

The reason for buffering? Essentially, to keep our prices as low as possible, when we began, we partnered with another company and combined our efforts to put our clients streams on a larger dedicated server/computer.

This works seamlessly 99% of the time, however, every now and then, if another station on the server (whether it is one of our clients or the other companies client) gets a large spike in listeners, the resources for other streams can starve temporarily, causing some buffering across 1 – 2 clients (unfortunately, it seems to have hit your stream this round).

This has been reported to the datacentre, who we are continually working with to improve/fix the issue permanently. It should be noted that this issue only started in 2018, after 4 years of seamless broadcasts – so you’re in good hands, we promise.

What can I do?

  1. Should I log a support ticket? If the buffering has only just started, there is no need to log a support ticket just yet. We have alerts setup which notify us as soon as this begins to happen. Once it does, we mobilise our buffering protocol which includes notifying the datacentre with a process to rectify the issue.
  2. It’s a bit of a waiting game – the data centre are usually quite quick at resolving the issue. It should be noted that buffering is only ever temporary, and will be resolved ASAP.
  3. If this happens continually… we can move your stream to another Gecko server. Please open a support ticket letting us know you’d like to change servers. Please note, this will mean a new station setup, requiring you to upload your files to the server again.
Updated on September 2, 2020

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