My Introduction File Isn’t Playing

Why isn’t my Centova Cast introduction file playing?

So you’ve uploaded the file, restarted your server and excitedly got ready to hear your brand new intro file at the start of your stream… only to find nothing played! What?!

Don’t worry, this is really common and can be fixed super easily!

How to fix my Centova Cast introduction file?

To configure an introduction track for your stream:

  1. Prepare an MP3 audio file to be used as the introduction track. The encoding parameters for the introduction track — specifically, the bit rate, sample rate, and number of channels — must precisely match the encoding parameters being used for your stream itself.(So for example, if your stream broadcasts at 128kbps in stereo at 44.1KHz, your introduction track must also be encoded at 128kbps in stereo at 44.1KHz.)
  2. In the Centova Cast navigation panel at the left-hand side of the screen, click Settings under the Configuration heading.
  3. Click the Files tab.
  4. Click the Introduction file button. A file browser dialog should open, allowing you to browse your home computer for the media file you want to use as your introduction track.
  5. Select the media file you want to use as your introduction track and click the Open button at the bottom of the dialog.
  6. The upload should begin immediately. Wait for the upload to complete.

If your stream is currently online, it will need to be restarted to take advantage of the new introduction track. Once the stream is started again, any listeners tuning in to your station should hear the introduction track before your regular broadcast begins.

It’s still not working!

After you add an introduction track, if your listeners hear only silence, or if your listeners hear only the introduction track and then the audio stops, then you have not prepared the audio file with the correct encoding parameters. Return to step 1 above, re-encode your introduction track, and try again.

Click here for tips on exporting in Adobe Audition

Click here for tips on exporting in Audacity

Updated on September 9, 2020

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