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New Clients: How to go LIVE for the first time

How to Broadcast Live

Got your broadcasting software and you are ready to go live? Then you probably need the details to connect. Finding them in Centova Cast is pretty simple!

Once logged in, you can find all these details under “Quick Links”.

On a recently created server, your details will look like these:

There are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all the connection details are different depending on whether AutoDJ is turned on or off.

My AutoDJ is turned off.

You can find your info under the “Use this if you do not use the AutoDJ” part. Please note that DJ accounts will not work for you as the AutoDJ system is turned off.

Make sure you are using the source password, which is different from the admin password (used to log in to the control panel) by default.

My AutoDJ is turned on.

When using the AutoDJ system, you need to create a DJ account first; this is an individual account for each DJ. You can permit them to broadcast on certain times and give them limited access to Centova Cast.

You can create one under “DJs”. A detailed guide on that can be found here

To connect the DJ, do NOT turn off the AutoDJ, the system will do that for you. Just make sure to use the first details listed on the “Quick Links” page.

The password of the account needs to be in the username:password format.
(eg. I created the DJ named james with password m123, then the password for the encoder needs to be “james:m123”)

Known issues and how to solve them

− It says my password is wrong

First of all, make sure the password is correct and in the correct format. Also make sure that the DJ is allowed to go live on the current time. If that does not work, please try to restart your server. If it still won’t work, feel free to opeen a ticket so we can have a look for you.

− The software connects for some time then disconnects

This often means the AutoDJ is not able to read your audio stream. Please ensure that all of the following statements are true:

  • You are streaming in stereo
  • You are using the default sample rate, i.e., 44100Hz (44.1KHz)
Updated on July 25, 2018

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